Reishi & Primordial Chocolate™ No-Bake Cookie Dough

Why not get a double whammy of mushroom-mycelium-powered goodness in this edible raw cookie dough made with chopped Primordial Chocolateᵀᴹ and Host Defense® Reishi Powder? Combine these with a few household ingredients and voila! Cookie dough in minutes. Vegan, paleo-friendly, and gluten free!

Takes about 15 minutes. Makes about 24 table-spoon-sized bites.


Chop Primordial Chocolate™ Salted Maca Crunch bars into small chunks and set aside. Heat coconut oil until liquid. Add almond flour, maple syrup, oil, Reishi powder, and vanilla to a medium bowl. Using a spoon, stir until thickened and well-incorporated. Fold in chopped chocolate. Top with sprinkles if desired. Enjoy with a spoon straight from the bowl, or ball into tablespoon sized bites. Bites best served chilled.


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