Rite in the Rain® All-Weather Notebook


Veteran mushroom hunters often rely on extensive notes while out on forays; date, time, habitat, even latitude and longitude can be extremely helpful for both identification and as a reference for revisiting the site for future harvests. This is waterproof, highly tear-resistant, archival-quality paper that can be written on using ordinary pencil or all-weather pen (ordinary pens will write on dry paper, but will likely run when wet). Rite in the Rain notebooks are widely used in natural science, agriculture, construction, diving, public safety and countless other endeavors where regular notebooks fear to tread. Unlike plastic-coated papers, it is 100% recyclable, made from FSC-certified wood. The Polydura cover is also recyclable. Each spiral-bound notebook contains 32 double-sided sheets of 4⅝ x 7" Rite in the Rain paper, plus 4 pages (2 sheets) of helpful mushroom identification information.

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