The Turkey Tail Mushroom Patch™


Live Item: must be started within 20 days of receipt.

Please note: freezing is harmful to most of our Mushroom Patches. If you are having a Mushroom Patch shipped to a location that is experiencing extreme cold, you should consider delivering it to an address where it will be brought inside within several hours of delivery.

Skill Level: 3/5 Skill level 3
Growing Temperature: 65–75 °F

Favored by shamans throughout the ages, this delightful mushroom kit produces shelf fungi with multiple, colorful zones. These ornate mushrooms can be dried and made into a tea, or used to make artful adornments such as necklaces and earrings. Grows best at 65–75 °F.

Take 20% off your order of FP's Indoor or Outdoor Mushroom Patches when you order 4 or more! (Discount does not apply to shipping charges. All Patches must appear on the same invoice. Not valid with other offers.)

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