1/3 HP Turbo Humidifan, 230V/50Hz


FP's Turbo Humidifans provide high quality micron-sized fog and ventilation in one unit. Capable of projecting up to 30 gallons of water per hour and over 3,000 cubic feet per minute, with a propulsion distance of up to 35 feet (1 HP Humidifan, for other Humidifans see specifications). These exceptional units are perfect for mushroom cultivators. Because the Turbo Humidifans do not use nozzles to create water droplets, they are remarkably resistant to clogging, even when used with water containing high levels of iron, calcium or other minerals. Can be mounted at one end of your room, directly below your air ducting for effective dispersal down the length of your grow room. Or use the optional oscillator and mount the Turbo Humidifan centrally, for up to 360° dispersal of humidity. On average, a 15–25 °F temperature drop of outside air from evaporative cooling can be realized. Each unit comes with an adjustable flow-meter which allows the grower to adjust the rate of humidification. Corrosion resistant, with brass fittings and stainless steel hardware. Comes with a 12 foot power cord and a 20 foot water line. 1 year warranty.

Please Note: These units are high-capacity, industrial humidifiers. As a result, they are not quiet. Please consult the noise specifications listed with each unit.

Specifications: Motor: 1/3 HP | Energy Consumption: 4.4 amps @230V | Max. Fog Output: 14 GPH | CFM Rating: 2580 CFM | Propulsion Distance: 25 feet | Noise @ 10 Foot Distance: 69–73 dB(A)

Please note: because of the shipping dimensions of this item, we are not able to provide accurate shipping calculations online. When you place an order for this product online, before your order is processed, a Customer Service Representative will contact you with a quotation on shipping.

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