1000VA Step Up/Step Down Transformer


We have tried, whenever possible, to provide options for our customers who live in countries where electricity runs at 50 cycles per second (50Hz) instead of 60. An item code that ends in an "E" usually indicates a product that is meant for 50Hz current, such as the EALFH1E (The Series I Laminar Flow Hood) or ETEBBBE (The Waring Blender Base for Eberbach Containers). Please note that, due to the variety of electrical outlets worldwide, the purchase of an adapter of some sort may be required to meet your country's outlet configuration. In cases where a 50Hz version of a product is not available, the item can usually be safely used with an electrical transformer installed between the product and the wall current. We offer a 1000VA stepup/down transformer for this purpose.

Please note: we are not able to provide accurate shipping calculations for international orders online. When you place an order for this product online, before your order is processed, a Customer Service Representative will contact you with a quotation on shipping.

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