Jack Czarnecki Oregon White Truffle Oil - 5 oz


From the kitchen of noted wild mushroom cooking authority and award-winning cookbook author Jack Czarnecki comes the first all-natural truffle oil ever produced in the United States. Made entirely from wild Oregon White Truffles (Tuber gibbosum), this unique truffle oil--with its delicate flavor and aroma--will enhance your personal larder with a truly unique culinary treasure. Oregon truffles are cousins of European truffles. They grow under the plentiful and welcoming folds of Douglas fir where their season lasts from late October to late spring. Using small-batch, individually hand-crafted methods, Jack has succeeded in producing a truffle oil which captures the essence of Oregon truffles in their ripest stage. Jack personally chooses and sorts only the finest quality truffles for his oil. The process takes several months to produce the oil and bring it to perfection. Net weight 5 fluid ounces. Refrigerate upon arrival.

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