Pearl Oyster Sawdust Spawn


Pleurotus ostreatus

Fungi Perfecti's Sawdust / Wood Chip Spawn comes in a disposable Spawn Bag With Filter Patch. Approximate yield is 1 gallon (5 lbs) of spawn per bag. We maintain stock of these species for use as inoculum into bulk substrates.

Orders of 1–4 units are generally shipped within 2–3 business days of ordering. For orders of 5–11 units, please contact us via phone or email to get an accurate estimate of turnaround time. Orders in excess of 11 units are considered a custom production run, requiring 4–6 weeks lead time. All orders are sent UPS Ground (approximately 5–7 days transit time, depending upon destination), unless otherwise arranged. Once an order is in production, Fungi Perfecti cannot accept order modifications or cancellations. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to ordering.

Please note: Unlike our ready-to-grow Mushroom Patches and Mushroom Plug Spawn, our Sawdust and Wood Chip Spawn does not come with instructions. It is assumed that the purchaser is sufficiently familiar with mushroom culture technique to utilize these cultures. The books Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms and The Mushroom Cultivator are essential tools in this endeavor.

Pricing (Mix & Match)
1–4 Units $20.00 each
5–11 Units 10% Discount
12–47 Units 25% Discount
48+ Units 40% Discount

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