The King Stropharia Mushroom Patch™


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Please note: freezing is harmful to most of our Mushroom Patches. If you are having a Mushroom Patch shipped to a location that is experiencing extreme cold, you should consider delivering it to an address where it will be brought inside within several hours of delivery.

Skill Level: 3/5 Skill level 3
Growing Temperature: 60–80 °F

A long-time favorite of outdoor cultivators, we have developed this popular garden companion into an indoor kit as well! This prolific kit produces 1–2 flushes of succulent burgundy-colored mushrooms over its 3 month indoor life. A 60–80 °F environment is ideal. With a Portobello-like texture, this majestic species makes an excellent centerpiece to any meal. Growing the King Stropharia Mushroom Patch™ can also present a fascinating educational experience, for families or classrooms through the creation of a "Stropharium"; a mixture of Stropharia spawn and substrate inside a clear aquarium. The substantial, ropy tendrils of Stropharia mushroom mycelium (called rhizomorphs) are a terrific example of mycelial growth, and the mushroom life cycle in general (please note that it is very unlikely that your kit will produce mushrooms if used in this manner). After it has exhausted its indoor food supply, this vigorous and resilient species can be transferred to an outdoor bed to potentially produce crops of mushrooms for years to come.

Note: cannot be shipped to Hawaii or international destinations, except Canada.

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