The Shiitake Mushroom Patch™ - Special Price for 3


Live Item: must be started within 20 days of receipt.

Please note: freezing is harmful to most of our Mushroom Patches. If you are having a Mushroom Patch shipped to a location that is experiencing extreme cold, you should consider delivering it to an address where it will be brought inside within several hours of delivery.

Skill Level: 2/5 KID FRIENDLY Skill level 2
Growing Temperature: 50–80 °F

Our most popular Mushroom Patch! Composed of a unique blend of sterilized, enriched sawdust fully colonized with a select strain of Shiitake (Lentinula edodes). Esteemed for both its health-supporting properties and its culinary value, our newest generation of Shiitake kits are super-boosted to give the most prolific harvests yet. Shiitake mushrooms can be harvested at 2 week intervals for up to 16 weeks. A 50–80 °F environment is ideal.

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