7 Ways You Can Help Bees

  1. Choose Wisely- Buy smart with products like Host Defense® that are bee friendly, organic, and give back to important research causes
  2. Snack Smart- Eat local, organic food that’s good for you and the environment
  3. Avoid Chemicals- Use green products in your lawn or yard and be mindful of ingredients you utilize outdoors
  4. Get Earthy- Plant native wildflowers and flowering herbs to create prime spots for bees to gather pollen
  5. Bee Hospitable- Create a mushroom-friendly biosphere in your yard to encourage healthy soil and biodiversity. Let wood rot- or chip wood debris- do not remove it
  6. Give Back- Donate directly to organizations like Washington State University’s Honeybee Lab
  7. Listen & Learn- Find out more about bees, encourage your friends to sign-up for our Save the Bees mailing list, and share this valuable information with your network
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