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  • Responsible Mushroom Foraging

    Responsible Mushroom Foraging

    We love mushrooms and we know you do, too! Whether you’re an expert mycologist (like Paul Stamets!), a cook who loves working with edible wild mushrooms, or someone who enjoys a stroll in the woods, as a community of mushroom...

  • Certified B Corporation Logo

    Fungi Perfecti, LLC is a Certified B Corporation

    Fungi Perfecti is now a Certified B Corporation™, joining a growing group of businesses around the world committed to creating a more sustainable future through conscientious choices, transparency in operations, and corporate responsibility. What is a B Corporation? The “B”...

  • Lion's Mane Mushroom growing on the side of a tree.

    Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits*

    Often referred to as “The Smart Mushroom,” Lion’s Mane is one of the most well-known beneficial mushroom species world-wide. With important benefits for brain health, like supporting memory, cognition, and mental clarity, Lion’s Mane is a popular supplement choice among...

  • Myceliated Grain Vs Filler

    Myceliated Grain vs Filler

    The mycelium and fermented substrate - also known as ‘mycelium biomass’ or ‘myceliated grain’ - is a unique ingredient that has been converted as mushroom mycelium consumes and ferments a food source, whereas a ‘filler’ is an inactive ingredient that serves to add weight or bulk to the main ingredient. But the substrate, once fermented, is actually immunologically active and complements the health-supporting benefits of the mycelium.*
  • We’re Climate Positive

    We’re Climate Positive

    When you purchase beneficial mycelium-based supplements from Host Defense® Mushrooms™, you are supporting impactful sustainability efforts and climate positive action!*
  • MycoBrew® Lion’s Mane Drink Mixes

    MycoBrew® Lion’s Mane Drink Mixes

    MycoBrew® Coffee, Matcha, Cocoa, and Mocha are specially-crafted, flavor-forward formulations that offer a premium taste experience, available in both grab-and-go packets and bulk canisters.
  • Powered by Mushroom Mycelium

    Why All Host Defense Supplements Are Powered by Mushroom Mycelium

    Mycelium and mycological applications have enormous potential to benefit the health of both people and planet.
  • Mushroom Grain Spawn

    Mushroom Grain Spawn

    Learn more about the types of Grain Spawn that we offer, suggested resources for different techniques and proper use, and our Terms of Use and Agreement information.



  • Growing Plug Spawn for Logs and Stumps

    Growing Plug Spawn for Logs and Stumps

    You can grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms on logs and stumps, using our Mushroom Plug Spawn. Here's an overview of the growing process, common tree types and the mushrooms that can be grown on them, as well as other considerations when selecting wood.