Something That Will Blow Your Mind!

Something That Will Blow Your Mind!

We are constantly developing new projects, reflecting our passion and love for the bizarre. We had another Event. Late at night, after teaching another workshop, two friends and I were enjoying some hard-earned relaxation.

"Oh, by the way," I mused, "I've got something unusual. It is a strain of a luminescent mushroom from the Far East. Let's check it out." We grabbed a bag of mycelium, walked into a room and turned off the light.

We were shocked. Our eyes were greeted by something which seemed other-worldly. We spontaneously howled into the night, releasing primal male energy which flowed from some hidden, subliminal reservoir deep within our being. Such are the ruminations of the bemushroomed.

(This verbiage does not reflect the opinions or thoughts of any employees at Fungi Perfecti. Sole ownership is claimed by Paul Stamets!  —The Webmaster)

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