FP's Mycofiltration Study Published in the Journal Ecological Engineering

Researchers at Fungi Perfecti, LLC and Washington State University recently completed a pilot study to determine how fungal mycelium can best be used to improve E. coli treatment in stormwater management. This mycofiltration biotechnology—the use of intentionally cultivated networks of fungal mycelium to facilitate water quality improvements in engineered ecosystems—has been a labor of love for Fungi Perfecti since Stamets invented the technique in the late 1980s. After receiving an EPA Small Business Innovative Research grant to develop the approach in 2012, the ‘proof-of-concept’ R&D demonstrated that statistically significant improvements in E. coli removal could be achieved using this low-cost, low-tech, and environmentally rational approach. The results are published this month in the journal Ecological Engineering. Copies of the article can be purchased here.
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