Mushroom Recipes

Goof-Proof Mushroom Souffle

From George and Nancy.

If your souffles always turn out perfect you probably should skip this one. But if like me you consider separating and beating egg whites and folding them into things to be something to avoid, then read on. Some years ago I stumbled on the fact that if you mix equal parts beaten eggs and mayonnaise and bake the mixture it puffs up—a lot. No kidding! I have no idea WHY but it does. Flavor it with something*, pour it in a buttered casserole (only fill the casserole half full—as I say, it puffs up a LOT), and bake it in a moderate oven for about an hour. It's really that easy—the proportions and the temperature and the order of mixing and whatnot don't seem to be in the least bit critical. At this point a recipe is probably redundant, but here's something to get you started:

Scramble up 6 raw eggs with a fork, and then beat in about a cup of mayo (also with the fork) until well mixed. Stir in a pint of warm mushroom soup or sauce or gravy or what have you, also with the fork. (Use whatever kind of mushroom gravy you like—see my Mushroom Gravy with Noodles for one kind). Add some grated cheese if you are so inclined—a cup or so is about right. A tablespoon or so of minced fresh parsley or chives or other fresh herb is nice, too. Pour into a buttered casserole (half full only—it's gonna puff up—really!) and bake in a moderate (350° F) oven for about an hour or until well browned on top. Serve immediately. Serves three people—two, if you've been out mushrooming. (It's traditional to warn that you must tippytoe around and not peek in the oven while a souffle is cooking, lest it fall, but this one doesn't seem to be all that critical.) OK, it's not low in fat, but it's easy and you don't HAVE to tell anybody about the mayo part....

(*This idea also works just fine if instead of mushrooms, you flavor the egg/mayo mix with grated cheese, pureed sugared fruit, chocolate syrup, or ANYTHING else that I've tried. But one assumes that you are reading this because you like mushrooms, right???)

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