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  • Apple-A-Day Microbiome Smoothie

    Apple-A-Day Microbiome Smoothie

    Support your digestive system with a recipe our Apple-A-Day Microbiome Smoothie! We combine classic ingredients such as apples, peanut butter and cinnamon with Host Defense® Microbiome powder to make this mouth-watering, tummy-loving smoothie.*
  • Host Defense® Reishi Chili

    Host Defense® Reishi Chili

    Looking for a game day recipe? Why not include a Host Defense® mushroom mycelium powder in your favorite game day chili? This hearty dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The Reishi powder not only supports energy & stamina,...

  • Brain & Body™ Golden Milk Latte

    Brain & Body™ Golden Milk Latte

    Warm up this winter with the Host Defense® signature Golden Milk Latte! Our MycoBotanicals® Brain & Body™ Powder has Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushroom mycelium, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon and Black Pepper. Combine it with your favorite milk to make a...

  • Gina's Sweet & Spicy Carrot Cake Smoothie

    Gina's Sweet & Spicy Carrot Cake Smoothie

    New Host Defense® MycoBotanicals® Brain & Body™ powder provides this morning treat with just the right amount of spice while supporting heart health and mental acuity.* This recipe comes courtesy of Host Defense National Science Educator, Gina Rivers-Contla.    Ingredients...

  • Mushroom "Ketchup"

    Mushroom "Ketchup"

    From Jay: Learned about this technique from a historian and played around with it with great results. The recipe is not my own so I will just familiarize you with the concept. I started with several pounds of assorted fungus...