How We Grow Mushroom Mycelium

How We Grow Mushroom Mycelium

At Fungi Perfecti®, we follow the science. And years of both internal and third-party testing has shown that mushroom mycelium is highly immunologically active. That’s why we use mushroom mycelium in ALL Host Defense® supplements - because it works!*

In order to grow mushroom mycelium, we use sustainably harvested mushroom cultures to inoculate and ferment an organic brown rice substrate. The fermentation process produces unique novel compounds that have been studied and shown to provide significant and complementary immune support properties.*

Much like when growing mushroom fruitbodies, growing mushroom mycelium requires a different length of incubation for each different mushroom species. It takes anywhere from two weeks to two months to grow mushroom mycelium. At Host Defense®, we grow 17 different species. It’s important to know the specific incubation timeline for each mushroom species in order to reach peak efficacy.

While the timeline to grow mushroom mycelium for each beneficial mushroom species is different, the process for each is the same. Check out the process below!

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