Meet Loni

Meet Loni

Meet the people behind-the-scenes of Fungi Perfecti®! 

We're real people, keeping it real.  


Loni Jean Ronnebaum aka Ronnebaumanita loniscaria

Position & Years with Fungi Perfecti®
Fungi Perfecti Retail Office Manager, 9 years 

Best Thing About the Job
Fulfilling our shared Mission: To explore, study, preserve and spread knowledge about the use of fungi for helping people and planet.

Favorite Host Defense® Supplements
Lion's ManeMyCommunity, and Peppermint MycoShield®

Four Ways to Describe Yourself

  1. #googlyeyedfungi photographer
  2. Plays solo ukulele as well as drums for the band Inoculated Minds- featuring Fungi Perfecti grow room manager, Justin T!
  3. Evergreen State College Alumni 09', BS in Mycology and Natural Sciences
  4. Educational speaker and all around fun-gal!
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