MycoBrew® Lion’s Mane Drink Mixes

MycoBrew® Lion’s Mane Drink Mixes

Mix It Up With Mushroom MYCELI-YUM!™

MycoBrew® Coffee, Matcha, Cocoa, and Mocha are specially-crafted, flavor-forward formulations that offer a premium taste experience. After years of development, MycoBrew® provides exceptional flavors available in both bulk canisters and commercially compostable grab-and-go packets.

Whether you want a burst of energy to start your morning, a midday indulgence to keep you going, or a relaxing treat at the end of the day, MycoBrew® has a beverage blend for you. Try all four MycoBrew® drink mixes for an upgrade to your everyday routine! 

Made with Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Mycelium

While each drink mix is distinct in flavor and experience, they are all reinforced with USA-grown, certified organic Lion’s Mane mushroom mycelium. The highly sought-after “Smart Mushroom”, Lion’s Mane is a well-known superfood. 

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MycoBrew Directions    

Add one drink packet to 6oz hot liquid—try water, milk, or milk substitute—and stir to blend. 

For a refreshing alternative, dissolve in hot liquid, then stir, shake, or blend with ice!  

MycoBrew® Mocha and MycoBrew® Cocoa are sweetened with organic, Fair Trade Certified coconut sugar. 

The Materials Matter    

When we set out to create MycoBrew, we had no idea that making the perfect mycelium-powered, flavor-forward drink mixes would also take us on a years-long journey of sustainable packaging design.

The previously existing single-serve options available on the market were all made with virgin plastic and didn’t align with our sustainability goals. So we started from scratch to create our own packaging material using cutting-edge, plant cellulose-based material.

This custom packaging has now officially received BPI Certification! You can enjoy the convenience of single-serve MycoBrew packets and peace of mind knowing the material is commercially compostable.

Our packets offer excellent:

  • Oxygen barrier protection 
  • Shelf life
  • Moisture barrier protection
  • Seal strength

Certified Compostable packets diagram

There are many factors that go into our packaging decisions, from function, quality, and convenience, to composition and impact. We use ecologically responsible packaging materials designed to minimize our overall footprint. Our single-use packets are custom-crafted using a plant cellulose-based material that is BPI Certified Commercially Compostable. And our boxes are made with recycled paper, printed with vegetable-based ink, and are recyclable. As part of our 110% climate commitment, we continue to seek out materials that are effective, safe, and aligned with our sustainability goals. 

 Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Paul Stamets, Climate Positive, ECO Packaging





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