The Mycelium Network Connects Us All

The Mycelium Network Connects Us All

The Mycelium Network

Mushroom mycelium networks can be found just beneath the surface of all land mass - and this unifying force of nature carries an enormous responsibility. These vast cellular mycelial networks connect the root systems of plants and trees, create and transfer nutrients through the soil, and destroy invading pathogens that would otherwise harm thriving ecosystems. Mycelium is an immune system protecting habitats by nourishing a diverse succession of collaborating organisms that are continuously exchanging resources and information. Within these life-giving networks - just one cell wall thick - comes the power to steer entire ecosystems on their evolutionary path.

Mycelium growing on a felled tree.

Mycelium is the Wood Wide Web

Mushroom mycelium has become known as the wood wide web; the most genetically active stage of the fungal organism, mycelium has a significant impact on the surrounding ecosystem. It is the ‘magical’ part of the mushroom life cycle, acting as an immune membrane by detecting and destroying dangerous pathogens, and also funneling nutrients between living organisms. In this way, mysterious and rarely visible from above ground, mycelium is an integrative communication network in nature, earning it the nickname “wood wide web.”

Hands holding myceliated decaying wood.

Mycelium Supports the Health of Natural Environments

Mycelium is well-known for supporting the health and wellness of plants and animals in natural environments. It supports the cycle of life by consuming decaying matter and spreading nutrients to surrounding plants. It builds guilds of beneficial organisms which coordinate to nourish the soil that gives rise to plant communities, allowing the symphony of nature to flourish. These plant communities then sustain local birds, bees, and animals. Mushroom mycelium can be the key for healthy habitat evolution.

Image of Mycena mushrooms growing on a decaying log.

Mycelium is Wellness From the Underground*

While fruit bodies come and go, often in a matter of days, mycelium can protect itself and thrive for decades, and in some cases thousands of years. It does this by using the power of its communication network, its ability to convert decaying matter into nourishment, and its innate defense against invading pathogens to protect itself and the habitat in which it thrives. In this way, mycelium is literally wellness from the underground. It not only allows the fungal organism to survive and prosper, but plays a vital role in the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Continuing research on how to harness the power of mushroom mycelium for use in human supplements may well help us live healthier, happier lives.*

Mycelium Supplements Support the Health of Humans*

Many mushroom species are potent allies for supporting human beings, and harnessing the power of mushroom mycelium in the form of supplements for human health has been well-researched, documented, and shown to be beneficial. All beneficial mushroom species support the immune response in humans, and each species also offers unique, system-specific support. And recently, scientists have discovered that mushroom mycelium can act as a prebiotic, which is known to support gut health, the gut-brain connection, and by supporting the gastrointestinal ecosystem, it also helps to lay the foundation for a healthy immune response. We must continue research efforts to learn what other ways this incredible natural resource might support our health.*

Paul Stamets in the Fungi Perfecti® lab looking at liquid mycelial fermentation.

Experts in Mycelium

What fundamentally distinguishes us from any other company is that we know mushrooms. And, significantly, we understand the power of mycelium. We’re still discovering new and exciting ways in which mushroom mycelium benefits human health and wellness. We should pay attention to the fact that many more genes are activated in the mushroom’s mycelial state than in the fruit body formation stage. Why does this happen? One reason may be that as it evolved, it did so in direct contact with millions of microorganisms per gram of soil, forming the immune response that keeps competitors from harming the larger network. Ongoing research is necessary to further our understanding of the mysterious and magical fungal organism, and especially, mycelium.* 

Mycelium Networks Connect Us All

Across the planet, people are awakening to a new understanding of the power of mushrooms - these majestic miracles of nature - and the mycelium networks that truly connect us all. When you understand the science, the truth about mushroom mycelium becomes clear: all living things are interconnected. Mushrooms are our gateway to the vast underground intelligence that literally surrounds and nourishes us. We can learn from the wisdom of mycelium; it is the magic that connects us to nature, connects us to our innate health, and to each other.*

Paul Stamets standing in a Pacific Northwest forest.

Mushrooms are the Zeitgeist of Our Times

Mushrooms have become the zeitgeist of our times—at a time critical for increasing the awareness of our interconnectedness with nature. The widespread use of mushrooms has populated a library of knowledge that is ever-expanding. Cherished by many, disdained by some, mystifying to most, mushrooms build bridges across culture, continents, and over the centuries. The mycelium network is the magic that connects and unifies us all.


Join with us as we continue to uncover the magic of mycelium. Join us in this movement from the underground. Join us in this world wide web of awakening!* 

  • Paul Stamets

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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