Host Defense® Products

Host Defense® Authorized Resellers

Host Defense is committed to offering the highest quality mushroom supplements to support your health and wellness.

To safeguard our commitment to customers, we work exclusively with authorized retailers that pledge to uphold our high standards for quality and service.

To ensure that you receive authentic, fresh Host Defense products that have been stored, handled and sold in accordance with our high standards, please only purchase from our authorized resellers.

Authorized “Brick & Mortar” Retail Stores
We proudly support retail stores across the U.S.A. and Canada. To find an authorized retail store near you, please visit our Store Locator Tool.

Other Authorized Sales Channels
A large and growing number of health practitioners choose to offer Host Defense supplements to their patients and operate as authorized resellers.

We also work with a select number of authorized e-commerce resellers. You are also welcome to order direct through and

Unauthorized Resellers
Purchasing Host Defense products from unauthorized resellers comes with risks, and provides no guarantee of the product quality, customer service, or overall care and quality assurance you’ve come to expect from Host Defense Mushrooms and Fungi Perfecti, LLC.

Unauthorized resellers:
  • May offer product that is much less “fresh” than that offered by authorized resellers
  • May offer product with damaged packaging
  • May source their product from those who shoplift from authorized resellers
  • May conceal their identity to avoid accountability or responsibility
  • May not accept returns or provide customer support
Furthermore, Host Defense’s warranty (link to refund & return page) does not apply to products purchased through unauthorized resellers, including unauthorized sellers on,, or other third-party marketplace websites.

To help our customers avoid the risks that may come with purchasing from unauthorized resellers, we’ve provided the list below of online resellers who are NOT recognized by Fungi Perfecti, LLC and Host Defense Mushrooms.

(List to follow, from Casey)