In October 2014 received this awesome letter from one of our MycoGrow™ customers; John Hust, of Shelter Bay Tomato Company in AuTrain, Michigan:

In 2013 I spread MycoGrow for Vegetables on beds sheltered in a high tunnel and grew determinate tomatoes. I was impressed with the vigor and healthiness of the vines which never stopped flowering until we had a really severe freeze. The vines were thick as a fifty cent piece and led me to order [more MycoGrow] this year.

We “farm” on a rocky land fill area on the southern shore of Lake Superior. We had to bring in twenty yards of “top soil” to fill two 30” X 48’ high tunnels. All the beds we made the day before planting.

The vines, today, are as green as they were when planted and have produced literally tons of tomatoes. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. No disease, no blossom end rot; just huge tomatoes that taste fantastic. I can’t thank you enough.

John A. Hust
Shelter Bay Tomato Co., LLC