Fungi Perfecti® Commits to The Climate Collaborative

Fungi Perfecti® Commits to The Climate Collaborative

In March 2019, Fungi Perfecti®/Host Defense® made commitments to The Climate Collaborative to address climate change. The Climate Collaborative was born from a shared belief amongst natural products leaders that the industry has potential to reverse the effects of climate change. The Collaborative is made up of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, brokers, suppliers, and other concerned businesses from the natural products industry.

Fungi Perfecti/Host Defense has made commitments in the 5 impactful areas of: energy efficiency, packaging, renewable energy, transportation, and forests. We are excited to continue our mission of “helping people and planet” via these commitments.

The target goals we will work toward are listed below. 

Renewable Energy

  1. Work toward shifting away from fossil fuels at the earliest possible date.
  2. Adopting alternative energy sources e.g. solar, purchasing green powder, geothermal.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Improving efficiency of buildings.
  2. Improving efficiency of lighting.
  3. Improving efficiency of HVAC equipment.


  1. Set targets to work toward 100% deforestation free commodities. 


  1. Reducing materials aka “source reduction.”
  2. Replacing virgin materials with post-consumer recycled content.
  3. Replacing traditional plastics with biopolymers.
  4. Redesign packaging to use materials more efficiently. 


  1. Develop a green transportation action plan (improve transportation efficiency).
  2. Develop performance metrics to track transportation efficiencies.
  3. Establish a method for tracking reduction of black carbon and other short-lived pollutants.
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