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Portobello Recipes

From Delicia Ambrosino.


Oddly enough, the Portebello mushroom has a flavor reminiscent of beef. Therefore I use it for many different dishes where I may want to cut down on the usage of beef or eliminate it all together.

Take for example the following:

Portebello Burger--A nice thick slice of schroom pan fried or grilled and topped with all the fixin's on a grilled roll.

Spaghetti sauce--here I use a large package of Portebellos chopped but not too finely as they will shrink some. I use only 1/4 pound ground beef and 1/4 pound hot sausage cause I'm a carnivore. Use more schroom if vegan. Make sauce with onions, peppers, spices, etc as you usually would.

Turkey Shrooms with brown and Wild rice--Cook rice in chicken and water mix broth add onion and celery to taste. Then add either some frozen spinach or frozen peas {amount decided by size of family} at end of cooking. Fry mushrooms in butter and season to taste. Serve over rice mixture. Top with some butter and have lemonade on hand. Also great with game meats and beef. YUM.

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