Mushroom Recipes

Sauteed Maitake

From gsp.

In the fall, in NH, I hunt this mushroom with great enthusiasm. I pick the young ones, before they become powdery or bleached. I bring them home, trim the leaflets with some of the stems. Then I put them in a bowl of water and salt to rid them of the insects (cold water). They are then drained, patted dry with paper towel and cut up into smaller pieces. I then dice up a Vidalia onion and cover the bottom of an iron skillet with them, put the mushroom on top, then add a full crushed garlic bulb on top of the mushrooms, cover and slowly cook them down until most of the moisture is gone. Then I add a cup or so of burgundy wine and a stick of butter, occasionally some sesame seed oil or other flavorings, and cook it down again. When they are cooked down, I cool them, and package them in( small portions) small zip lock sandwich bags. I roll them up and put the date & contents on the bag with a Sharpie marker and then put them in my freezer. When I want a nice moose or venison steak, I take out a package, thaw it and add to the dish. They are also awesome in an omelet.

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