Mushroom Hunter's Basket


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- Maximum of 12 total units per purchase

These beautiful Fair-Trade certified mushroom hunting baskets are lovingly handcrafted by villagers in northern Ghana to supplement their income during the dry season. For mushroom hunters, these baskets have become the preferred vessel for holding field collections. Easy access, squashable yet durable, they are perfect for collecting chanterelles, porcinis, morels, and many other wild, mycological treasures. Made from indigenous materials, with a comfortable leather-wrapped handle. Measurements: approximately 12" in diameter, approximately 8" deep (approximately 13" from the base to the handle). Please note: because of their handcrafted nature, color, pattern, dimensions and overall shape vary from basket to basket and are not a selectable option. Also note that these baskets are now shipped compressed and need to be reshaped prior to use; reshaping is quick and easy, and is described in the following video.

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