Easy Mushroom Identification Charts

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A ‘filler’ is an additive, or an ingredient that either serves to add bulk or weight to the end product, but that has no discernible health benefit. There are no ‘fillers’ used in Host Defense products. Rather, both the mushroom mycelium and the fermented rice substrate in our supplements have been researched, tested, and shown to offer health-supporting benefits.*

The late, great Catherine Scates is renowned as an educator and photographer. She created two ingeniously designed overviews that demystify the terms used by mycologists by illustrating the essential features that distinguish mushroom genera. In these two guides, amateurs can quickly understand and match the most important features essential for identifying mushrooms. Combined with a good field guide, the path to accurate mushroom identification is made far easier. The Easy Guide to Mushroom Descriptions includes excellent drawings depicting the most important cap shapes, surface features, gill attachments, stem characteristics and veils common to the gilled mushrooms (one 11 x 17 inch, double-sided heavyweight page). The Easy Key to Common Gilled Mushrooms covers the major genera as defined by macroscopic features. With this key, the beginner can quickly narrow the mushrooms in question to the most likely genus (one 11 x 17 inch, single-sided heavyweight page).