Give Bees a Chance Poster


Thousands have been spellbound by Paul Stamets' presentation, "Mushrooms for Bees, Trees, People & Planet", in which he describes the connections between mushrooms and the rest of the biosphere, and bees in particular. The primary focus of the talk is Paul's research in collaboration with the Washington State University Department of Entomology and the Washington State Beekeeper's Association into the use of mushroom extracts to prolong the life of honey bees and protect against Colony Collapse Disorder. The centerpiece of his talk is a beautiful illustration by Northwest artist Jim Henterly depicting the interdependence of all the inhabitants of the forest. We have reproduced this timeless image in a high-quality 36 x 20" poster on richly textured felt paper stock. Anyone who appreciates the glory of the natural world is likely to find themselves "bee-mushroomed" by this illustration.

To learn more about Fungi Perfecti's BeeFriendly™ research initiative and our work with Washington State University, visit

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