Reishi Plug Spawn - Approximately 100 Plugs


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Skill Level: 4/5
Favored wood: oak, maple, alder, elm, sweetgum, magnolia, locust, mulberry and—in Asia—plum
Preferred orientation: Horizontal or vertical, partially buried after incubation
Preferred fruiting temperature: 70–80 °F
Fruiting season(s): Summer to early Fall
Length of time for maturing: 2–3 months

Known to the Japanese as Reishi and to the Chinese as Ling Chi, Ganoderma lucidum s.l. produces a flat, shelf-like mushroom, with a smooth, lacquered finish. Plug spawn of this species can inoculate hardwood stumps or logs; after incubating the logs may be partially buried, horizontally-oriented. This helps conserve water during fruiting. Reputed to have immune-supporting properties by both the Chinese and Japanese, Reishi has long been used in teas. Please note that this is not a culinary mushroom due to its tough and woody texture.

Please note: These plugs are packaged by weight, not individually counted. As a result, the total number of plugs per package is an approximation, and may be slightly more or less than the amount stated in the product description.

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