Professional Humidistat


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This is a heavy-duty, highly accurate device for controlling humidity in the growing environment. Because this unit keys off of relative humidity (rH), the ESHSP requires a more intensive initial setup than the ESHS; the unit must be initially calibrated to precise ambient humidity using a highly accurate tool such as our Digital Psychrometer. Once calibrated, the ESHSP provides superior control over humidity with an incredible accuracy of ± 1%, in optimal operating range of 20–95% rH. Unlike the ESHS which must be situated in an air duct for maximum accuracy, the ESHSP can be placed nearly anywhere in the grow room. Encased in a durable metal housing, these units have been known to operate for over 20 years in extreme conditions without failing! Comes ready to wire with built-in wall-mountable junction box. Rated at 10 amps.

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