Electronic Substrate Thermometer


Our new and improved digital pocket thermometer is better than ever, with more features and better specs for your money. This lightweight, waterproof, fast response electronic thermometer is perfect for spot measuring temperatures in soils and other substrates; we use ours for checking the core temperature of sterilized media in our laboratories prior to inoculation. Total temperature range of -58–572 °F (-50–300 °C). Accurate to ± 1.8 °F (±1 °C) in the range of -22–302 °F (-30–150 °C); otherwise ±4 °F (±2 °C). Other features include a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, Min/Max record, hold control, auto power off and a convenient magnetic mount for easy access. 3 3/8" probe, approximately 8" overall. Battery included. Color: various.

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