Maitake Plug Spawn - 100 Plugs


Skill Level: 4/5
Favored wood: oak, elm, or honey Locust
Preferred orientation: If using logs, orient horizontally and partially bury after incubation. Stump face inoculation is also a viable method for this mushroom species
Preferred fruiting temperature: 55–70 °F
Length of time for maturing: 2–3 months
Fruiting season(s): Fall

Grifola frondosa grows prolifically on oaks throughout the temperate regions of eastern North America. Stumps or logs may be inoculated; after the incubation period, the logs should be partially buried, horizontally, to initiate fruiting (we strongly recommend using oak, elm or maple). Fruitings most frequently arise at or near the stump/soil interface. Two or three years will often pass before fruitings occur. This delicious mushroom is also heralded in Asian cultures for its immune-system support.

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